Bartagunyah Mountain Bike Trails

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Bartagunyah is a top spot for a lot of different activities. There are yabbies to catch and hills to climb and little waterfalls in hidden corries. Views across to Spencer Gulf and the back of the Mount. Call in to the cellar door or OTE to get a map for riding. Don’t forget to try some wine – it is becoming well known in lots of little crannies and nooks of the world, and the Port (Vintage Shiraz) is superb. The trails are on 2400 acres of private property so please respect and buy a bottle of wine or 2 (you won’t be disappointed) to help cover maintenance and insurance costs. This is mountainbike specific wine too!

Bartagunyah Trail Maps
Pop into Over the Edge Sports in Melrose to grab a map of the local trails or to get the latest updates.

Whiskey trail
Starts from the Winery Loop near the Homestead and climbs up past a great dam for launching into. Continues down Horsegully on the left of the road and crosses the creek near the National Park gate. Follows the creek past Rankine’s Hut and GlenMorangie Corner and heads out past the Scared Rabbit Panoramic Lookout. From here you go through the race and up onto the Lookout to the Sea and Baroota Knob and onto Separation Creek Saddle. Through the gate then and to Gibraltar Rock and you are back at Horse Gully. A short climb and the pain is over and a cleansing wine or two at the cellar door is just reward.

Makes you feel like singing ABBA songs? OK, the name is different and open to interpretation but the trail is awesome. Very all mountain. First machine-built trail. Uses lots of natural rock features and has been years in planning.

Winery loop
This trail is deigned and built for those mountain bikers looking for a leisurely ride on some easy terrain. The trail itself links the accommodation facilities and cellar door to the Mawson trail and provides a loop experience if desired. There is a little uphill to ride going up to the wool shed or accommodation, and the ride back down to the Mawson is a lot of fun without any major obstacles. Silky smooth trail, which is suitable for the whole family.

Blue Heelin
Relatively challenging access track to get you out into the property and make sure those muscles are warm. Once you are out a little further, the trail changes into a purpose built mountain bike trail that is fun and relatively easy to ride. Rocks and ruts a plenty so keep your wits about you!

A reasonably challenging loop with plenty of singletrack and minor obstacles that provide enormous views of the rolling hills and Mt Remarkable itself. The trail has a different flavour as it follows the sheep trails and is still in a pretty unaltered state. There are numerous trail markers however, and there is plenty of opportunity for developing creative lines. Take your time, have some lunch and make sure to stop for a look at the Scared Rabbit Panoramic View. If you ar feeling adventurous pop over a little further west to the highest point and down to Elliot’s lookout. Lookout for morels.

This trail uses a mixture of access track and single track to get you from one end of the network to another. If you are riding down the trail from the panoramic view prepare for a descent of epic proportions down the access track and then see if you can carry your momentum into the single track for some tricky obstacles. If heading from east to west up to the Rabbit, then the climb is slow and steady but rewarding nonetheless.

Fox Run
Follow the access track and enjoy the views. This is where the pastoralists used to round up the foxes.

Stegosaurus Ridge
This rocky trail is designed to test the skills and balance of all riders and truly embrace the natural features of Bartagunyah. If you need to look at the views then STOP. You cannot ride this trail whilst appreciating the vistas. The ability to ride up steps and hop over rocks will be required for this trail.

Often the final descent, this trail has a few surprises including rock gardens and banked corners for your riding pleasure. A wild finish at the woolshed.

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