Melrose got a whole lot of loving on the weekend!

A few of you who have made this event 4 years  in a row know to expect abit of fun, but next year being the 5th year we will ensure there is something for the serious and not so serious riders.  Thank you for your support andwe look forward to seeing you next year – 2-3rd September ( 1st weekend in September )

We will organise some more 18hrs of Melrose tshirts as they were very popular – I have a list of people who have pre ordered but please email [email protected] by Wednesday 16th September if you would like one!

South Australian Tourism Commision would like some important info so please take the time to fill out this survey – Question No 9 is also important to us – some feedback about the event please!

Nathaniel from SPIN Cycle clothing will be in contact with the winners regarding their jersey! Thanks SPIN – what an amazing prize for our riders!

This is a little note from PT – our timing guru…

A message from the time keeper – P’An-Tau Jiricek-Scott Hello all and thanks for coming up to participate in this years 6/18 Hours of Melrose. Unfortunately from a results point of view I had a catastrophic failure of the timing system – apologies about the lack of an explosion and/or a dragons or two – at midday on Saturday. Yes, literally as the 6 hour race started. This meant that we had to resort to the number plates to simply record laps and order of finish. The first thing I’d like to say is sorry if I was abrupt with anyone who was enquiring about results throughout this time, but it was quite a stressful experience for me – in the three years I’ve been timing races I’ve never experienced this. For those of you who know me, I’m usually happy and able to provide live updates for riders and supporters. With the failure of the timing system, I was not able to provide the updates. With that in mind, there are two result files available. The first one is the overall standings based on number of completed laps and order if finish. The second file is the lap times for the first 12 hours of racing. A big lesson learned on my behalf. Thank you for everyone’s patience and understanding and finally I apologise for the lack of details in the results for the final 6 hours of racing. I hope everyone enjoyed their time in Melrose and if you happen to see me rolling around the trails don’t hesitate to yell out a greeting!

Cheers, P’An-Tau Jiricek-Scott Timing coordinator

150906-2015 18 Hours of Melrose lap times until midday results

Lap results 2015

Thank you to our amazing volunteers – Special thanks to

SFRR Trail fairies who have been preparing the course throughout the year

Phil and Bev Watson / Patrick Puddy / Chad Litchfield who helped mark out the course and pre event jobs

Bronwyn and Paul Lovelady / Kristen and Don Norton who ensured all the riders were fed at the Pizza stop plus all their extra work to help make this event run smoothly!

Kris Blieshke / John and Chris Potts who made those yummy pancakes on Sunday for all the riders.

Thanks to Sue McCallum, our generous landowner who allowed riders to ride on her property.

Interstate riders who travelled here for the event.

And our wonderful sponsors – thank you!


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