18 Hours of Melrose Rules & Regulations

Entries open 01 JULY  


Finish Order is determined by number of laps, then time

Teams/Solo’s must complete their race within the 6/18 hour time limit, any laps finished after 6pm Saturday WILL NOT count toward the total.

No laps may start after 6pm Saturday.

Teams and solo’s may choose to stop and rest at anytime during the event but must re-enter where they originally exited.

The team/solo (in its category) with the most laps is first.

If teams have the same number of laps, the team that took less time within the above guidelines, wins.

Solo’s and teams may finish their race at any time during the 6/18 Hrs and will be credited with laps completed to that point to determine placing but must ride at least 6 laps to qualify for awards.

Plate numbers may not be cut, folded, altered or defaced in any way.

All protests must be filed within 15 minutes of preliminary results posting. All signed, official results are FINAL. No protests will be accepted, nor will results be adjusted after the event.

Riders must be in attendance at the awards ceremony to receive their awards. Awards will not be mailed. Printed results will be overall places and lap times.

Minimum Age Requirement: All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver. Additionally, all participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present on site for the duration of the event. Participants under the age of 18  age are only allowed to compete in the 6hr with their parent or guardian as their team member.


1.         Teams may choose to run in any order and may change the order at any time.

2.         Racers must check-in before and after each lap.

3.         Racers may continue on for more than 1 lap but must check-in after each lap.

4.         Each team member must complete at least one lap or the team will be disqualified.

5.         Racers must display their race number on their bike at all times.

6.         Teams are required to provide their own hydration system and lighting system throughout the event.

7.         No course support will be provided by the event.

8.         Water and food may be supplied to any racer, at the transition area, as long as the racer and support is off the course and does not interfere with the race. Interference with other racers will result in disqualification.

9.        Lapped racers must yield. Please be vocal as it’s the responsibility of the challenging racer to overtake safely. Racers being lapped must yield as soon as safely possible.

10.        Lights must be turned-on at 12 midnight.

11.        Short-cutting the course is not allowed. This will result in immediate disqualification.

12.        Quiet hours will be imposed from 2 am until 7 a.m. During this time, noise must be kept to a minimum.

13.        Order of finish is determined by number of laps, then by time.

14.        Once results are posted, teams will have 15 minutes to challenge results at which time they will become official. We recommend that you monitor your team’s progress and compare it with the “official scorers” as the event is progressing to avoid any problems at the conclusion.

15.        One person must be designated as the Captain of the team to ensure the team is registered correctly (information is correct), and to deal with event officials in the event of problems or concerns.

16.        The event director has final say in any ruling, including rulings made by staff/volunteers.

Additional rules or changes may be added as questions arise, so please continue to check this site for updates. Captains will receive a set of rules at check-in.

For safety reasons, the event reserves the right to cancel or change a portion of the course if inclement weather or dangerous conditions exist. If cancelled, final results will be based on completed laps at the time the event was called.

Below is a waiver which you will agree to when you register for the event.


I / the child in my care has sufficient experience and competence to participate safely in the ride.

I intending to be legally bound for myself, executors, administrator and assignees do hereby release, exempt and indemnify the organisers/ Committee, sponsors and all other persons involved in the organisation, from all action, proceedings, demands and claims whatsoever taken by any participation in the ride.

I recognise that I may become injured or incapacitated in a location where it is difficult for the organisers to get medical aid to me in time to avoid physical injury or even death.

The Organisers and Committee,  shall not be liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or accidental damage, injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity of any kind which may be occasioned by reason of any act or omission of any third party. Without limiting the foregoing, the Organisers / Committee,  does not own or operate any third party suppliers of services such as hotels, restaurants, or transportation companies. The Organisers /Committee,  shall not be held responsible for any injury, death, loss or expense borne by the participant.

The organisers / Committee, reserves the right to alter or amend the route due to bad weather and other operational needs prevailing at the time and it is always made in the best interest of safety.

The Organisers /  Committee,  strongly recommend all participants take out Personal Accident and Ambulance Insurance.

I agree to abide by any directions given by the event director, marshals or any official event personnel.

I consent to the publication of any photographs taken of me during this event.

I consent to my address and details being added to any information mail out lists used by the Organisers / Melrose Community, in line with its privacy policies.

I understand that events occasionally need to be cancelled and / or published information needs to change. In such circumstances the Organisers will do its best to provide a comparable event. Where this is not possible there shall be no refund

Cancellation of the event may occur if weather conditions prove to be too dangerous or are not in accordance with the Mountain Bike Code of Practice, which recommends that riding in wet and muddy conditions be avoided to prevent trail damage and the spread of plant diseases.

In the event I cancel my registration I accept the following fees will be levied:

Cancellation notified more than 30 days prior to event – no cancellation fee applies;

Cancellation notified 30 days or less and more than 14 days prior to event – a cancellation fee of 50% applies; Cancellation notified 14 days or less prior to event – a cancellation fee of 100% applies

By purchasing this ticket you are abiding and agreeing to the terms above.

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