Welcome to Melrose, South Australia!

Home of the annual Fat Tyre Festival & 18 Hours of Melrose


  • An awesome weekend riding bikes with great people at Melrosehellip
  • This road leads you to overtheedgemelrose melrosemtb bikemelrose singletrackheaven comeridewithushellip
  • Lifes been worse melrosemtb konaprocess konadreambuilds
  • Was pretty stoked to finish 4th in this years Melrosehellip
  • Spring time in Melrose  seriously beautiful morningwalk exploreyourbackyard toomuchbeautyhellip
  • Sprint finish for 18hrsofmelrose melrosemtb MTB racing Melrose mtbsingletrack overtheedgemelrose
  • Stunning day for a ride willowieforestnationalpark canolafield mtremarkablenationalpark melrosemtb bikemelrosehellip
  • Focussed  Determined This guy promised himself even when ithellip
  • Just a very small glipse of spring on the weekendhellip
  • Hell yeah ninerbikes sir9 pedaldamnit melrosemtb singlespeedmtb
  • The Gin Train left the station!!! And arrived last athellip
  • Just did my first Melrose mountain bike trip When canhellip

MTB Riders Say:

Peace, love and mountain bikes! No race to be seen, just MTB folk of all ages, sizes and styles out enjoying the sweet flowing trails of Melrose. Digital Hippie

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