The route


The route – Start at Over the Edge on the main street – Up Lambert Street, Turn right onto brewery st down to the gates – After the gate before the creek turn left onto “Weaving Camels” – follow the arrows up “Farmers Freewheelin” to “Textbook 10%” Follow this to the saddle where it will meet “Benchin” onto “Bannockburn Bypass” – please be aware that the minis course will intersect with yours as you go onto Dodging Bullets. Continue onto Dual Slalom – Spit the dummy back up Joes Rd onto the main street outside Over the Edge where it is compulsory to pass the timing counter.
The route will take up to 30mins – 45mins and is around 12kms – 176 metres of vertical climb.
The Youth Category – Same as the adults.
Minis Category – Over the Edge – down Nott Street – Up Lambert – right onto Brewery St – Weaving Camels – up Farmers Freehwheelin – Back of Benchin – Down Farmers Freewheelin – down Monument Trail – Up Joes Rd – Over the Edge – should take about 20 mins per lap. We will have a volunteer at the intersection of Farmers Freehwheelin / Bannockburn Bypass and Dodging Bullets as well as some on Farmers Freewheelin directing the kids to head up to Benchin.

This event is about encouraging kids to ride – If you want your kids to ride but they don’t have a team  – let us know and we will try and find them one – 08 8666 2222. 

Bike wash is located at “Under the Mount” accommodation  – see map.

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