2017 18 Hours of Melrose ADULT course preview!

The trail fairies at Southern Flinders Rough Riders have been busy prepping the course for this years race. We have changed things up quite a bit from previous years with trails being used for the first time in this event and a couple of new sections for good measure. Course is 11.5 ks long with 234m vertical.

Trails used are Weaving Camels, Green Link, down Farmers, Chicken Run, Monument trail, Bannockburn Bypass, Textbook 10%, up Farmers, Benchin, nameless sneaky new bit, Dodging Bullets (minus Cannonball section), Dualing Banjo’s and finally Spit the Dummy!

Please be aware that for those that don’t like the last steep corners on Dualing Banjo’s we have built a B line. This can only be accessed from the right lane and will be marked. Lane changing on Dualing Banjo’s will not be allowed



2017 6 Hours of Melrose YOUTH course preview!

This is the loop we will be pegging out for our junior riders. 5KM AND 100 VERTICAL

Trails are Weaving Camels, Green link, up Farmers, Benchin, the sneaky new bit, A Bit Rich, Dualing Banjo’s and Spit the Dummy!


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